May Sunday Summer Shoots – The Nationals Results

The second SSS proved to be just as successful as the first. Numbers might have been slightly less, but the morning’s shooting was great, helped once again, by the very good weather.

We were all ready to start on time even allowing for three beginners doing their first tournament, and setting up on their own, almost unaided. This, after all, is the whole reason for these shoots; to teach the beginners and novices what is involved in tournament shooting. That, and to try and show them that being at a tournament doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves. It’s time the mystique was dispelled. It really was a pleasure to see the novices standing next to some of our most experienced archers all banging arrows into the bosses.

As ever, thanks to everybody for helping out, and remember the next SSS will be on the 11th June.

That time it will be an American round; 7½ doz, so be prepared to stay until about 1.30pm.

Remember also that there is an award for the highest overall winner of all the year’s SSS shoots.

Not that anybody is interested, but here are the results…

May Sunday Summer Shoot Nationals Results